Storage Units

APlus Local Movers Oxnard Offer safe storage units

We Protect your Luggage

Storage units are gaining popularity in the modern lifestyle. Comfort and ease are what we offer our clients through this service. APlus Local Movers Oxnard let you focus on the mainstream life and takes care of your sidelines beside you.

When do you need storage solutions?

Renting a space or a unit is keeping your goods when you are in a transition phase. When you need to move but also need a place where you can safely keep your things during the shifting time – we offer a variety of storage units in different sizes for your own needs. 
Most typical clients who need a storage unit are people:
– Who are between places. Moved out of the old place and looking for a new one.
– Working on home improvement or renovation and need a safe place to keep their things till they need them back.
– Downsizing on their utilities. Keeping some of the things temporarily in the storage until they find a better use for them.

Storage Options

All Sizes and Volumes
APlus Local Movers Oxnard has storage spaces available for clients in different capacities. Let us know how much space you will need to store your things. We have
– Storage Units ~ for heavy and bulky items.
– Storage Lockers ~ for smaller and valuable documents or other precious belongings.

Professional Storage Protection

Certified Security Guards
Safety is the primary concern among clients who avail storage services anywhere in the country. APlus Local Movers Oxnard offer high protection for your goods. Our storage area is well guarded by certified security professionals with a gated boundary as an added security measure.
Security Cameras
We have security cameras installed in the facility with 24 hour CCTV footage. Only the owner of a locker or the unit is granted access to the storage. We do not allow any unauthorized person to access the storage area.

Security Alarms
Our storage units have security alarms. In case of any violation of the security protocol, these alarms make sure that no unwanted person roams around the area unnoticed.
Fire/Smoke Alarms~ On Demand
You can request for a fire and smoke alarm in your unit.
Climate Control ~ On Demand
If you have sensitive items which need extra care, then climate controlled storage units are best to keep your things safe especially if you plan to keep them in the unit a little longer.

Residential Storage

APlus Local Movers Oxnard offers storage services to the homeowners who need a helping hand to get through the move. You can keep your valuables in our storage. All household items like furniture, carpets, etc. We are welcome in the storage facility.

Business Storage

Our services extend to the business owners and companies going through a transitional phase. We have arrangements on storing large warehouse equipment as well.