Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

Moving is exhausting because of all the stress which packing and unpacking your luggage can cause. Hiring professional packers for wrapping up your old place and settling your things in the new one can take away all that unnecessary stress from your life.

How do we pack?

The organization is the key.

Our professional packers will pack your things smartly.
Why you should hire APlus Local Movers Oxnard for packing and unpacking services?

  • Our packers have years of experience along with professional training to pack each item carefully.
  • Systematic placement of items in each box with specific labels makes unpacking at the new place a breeze.
  • We are fast, efficient and dependable.

What can we pack?

APlus Local Movers Oxnard has a team of experienced packers who can pack all your items.Whether you are shifting to a new home or business – our team can pack anything.
– Electronics
We have technicians to uninstall, responsibly pack and then re-install your
electronics back at the new place.
– Fragile items
Delicate things are the trickiest to pack. We pack Kitchen crockery, expansive art pieces and anything which is easily breakable with extra precautions.

– Furniture
massive wooden beds or light office chairs, APlus Local Movers Oxnard can handle all kinds of furniture packing.
– Paper load
The official paper load is carefully packed with proper labels under your guidance.

Unpacking Services
YES! We do this as well.

Our unpackers will unbox your things and keep them in place for your convenience. We settle you in the new area with complete unpacking services.

What to Expect from Unpackers?
Everything and anything you need for settling in. Just like the packers; our unpackers will do the job professionally. They will help you arrange heavy items to places where you want them.

– Re-installation of Electronics
We will install your electronics like kitchen accessories, AC Units, computers, etc. APlus Movers Oxnard has certified electricians to do the job.
– Assembling furniture
Our team will assemble your furniture and place it where you guide them.
– Cleaning after unpacking
We never leave a place messy. Our team cleans up after unpacking and leave you a fresh home.

We Offer Affordable Services

APlus Local Movers Oxnard delivers quality services on lesser rates than the competitors. Our services are highly affordable and equally professional. While we pack and unpack your things, you can save your energy for family or work.

Make the Call

We want you to enjoy a move with lesser stress and more enthusiasm. You can reach out for our packing and unpacking services anytime you need us.

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